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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I want to get my Moxie on! How do I register?

A: Registration for each of our events is done through Check our Facebook page regularly for registration links for each trip, or visit our calendar page on this website.

Q: I am interested in registering for an Experience but am unsure of whether or not I can keep up with the group and don't want to hold anyone back. Are these Experiences for me?

A: YES!! Moxie Wild exists to help all women connect with the outdoors and try new things - regardless of their ability level. Prior to each trip, we send you a questionnaire to complete about your experience with the activities we're doing for that trip so we can ensure that we have a good ratio of appropriately experienced trip leaders and coaches to guide you through the activity. Our goal is to make sure that you 1) Have fun. And 2) Learn something new - no matter where you"re starting from.

Q: Is tipping the guides allowed?

A:  Absolutely! Tipping your guides after your experience is always welcomed! 

Q: I have a medical concern that might limit me from participating. Can I still register?

A: We're happy to talk with you about it and how we might accommodate you for any given trip. Both Petra and Melissa are certified in Wilderness First Aid and we complete an Emergency Action Protocol for each trip. The EAP outlines critical information for the locations we will be in such as nearest medical facility, and emergency access points. While we can"t guarantee nothing will happen, we can say we have made sure that we will be as prepared as possible.

Q: I want to do an Experience with just my friends. Can I schedule a trip for just my friends and I doing paddle boarding and yoga one weekend?

A: YES! Moxie Wild will plan a private experience for you and your friends. Message us for more details.

Q: I see that for most of your Experiences - meals and snacks are provided. I am vegan - will you be able to accommodate people with different diets and food allergies?

A: For sure! Meal planning is one of our favorite tasks. We have each participant complete a medical form that includes a section for you to let us know what your food preferences and allergies are so that we can make sure there are options for you.

Q: I would love to do this with my 15-year-old daughter. Are youth allowed on the trip?

A: No. At this time, Moxie Wild is geared to provide experiences for adult women, 18 years and older. It's your turn to have fun!

Q. I would like to register for a trip. How do I go about signing up?

A: We use for registration for each of our trips.  Visit our trips page and there is a link below each trip description.

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