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She's Got Moxie: The Unstoppable Tammy Lee


Because they are so inspiring, beginning this month, we'll be featuring a monthly blog post on and by our participants. We thought there was no one more fitting to start with than Tammy Lee. From Grand Rapids, her energy is indefatigable. She is a huge and relentless champion of encouraging people to come out to the Grand Rapids November Project weekly free meet -ups/workouts. 

Tammy recently came on our Moxie Wild trip to Ray's Indoor Bike Park, where she didn't let a few crashes stop her from tirelessly hitting the flow trails, pump track and more technical jump lines, even though she'd never ridden them before.  

We invited her to talk about her most recent adventure - running 48 miles in 4 days!

Every year for the last 4 years, I have started my year running 4 races in 4 days, enduring the Disney Dopey Challenge. The first year I ran the Dopey it was a personal challenge, each year since then it has been so much more than that - I have run with a purpose, a cause. 

I run for kids who can't with the A-T Children's Project. This year my long weekend on "vacation" started early Wednesday morning with a November Project Orlando workout that included a 1.8 mile run with a body weight workout. And then, the Dopey Challenge begin - I would run 48.6 miles over 4 days. 

The first day, Thursday morning, my mom (who is 70 years old and full of Moxie!) and I set off for a fun 5k (3.1 miles) at Disney's Epcot.

On Friday, I set off on my own for a quick 10K (6.2 miles) race around Epic. Saturday, I met up with group of friends and we ran the Disney Half Marathon (13.1 miles), which took us through the Magic Kingdom and then back through Epcot. Last but not least, Sunday was the big Marathon day (26.2 miles). I got in my corral, found the 5:30:00 pace crew and made the decision to do my best to stay with them the entire race. We did a 30 second run-walk pace. We ran through 4 different parks and with a new PR (person record), I crossed the finish line in 5 hours, 26 minutes and 31 seconds! 

Through it all my amazing Mom was there, on the course and at the finish line - my number one fan! What a great weekend, and all for a great cause - running for a cure with for A-T Children's Project!




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